A few years ago, I had a /now page on this website, inspired by Derek Sivers and the movement that followed from him starting his /now page. I decided it could use a comeback. The /now page serves as a reminder to myself what I want to focus on, as well as a public declaration of my priorities.

Like the /now page, doing regular, structured reviews are making a comeback. With these reviews, I want to check whether I’m on track with the goals I set for myself and whether my priorities are still in line with my yearly theme. As I was working on my quarterly review (I prefer seasonal review, really) last week, I was reminded of the concept of a /now page and the fact that I used to have one on this website. The objective of this page was the same then as it is now. However, after a while, I felt that this page didn’t really serve a purpose anymore, as I did not regularly update it, let alone even look at it.

Now is as good a time as ever to revive this page, as part of the year of focus. Over the past few months, I realised I missed having one single place like to keep track of my main priorities. Instead, I had a bunch of lists floating around here-and-there. Having multiple of these lists probably contributes to having a sense of feeling lost and not knowing what to do, in a choice overload kind of way.

All-in-all, I expect that maintaining this page will help me keep a clear sense of my priorities and that it will provide me with some solid ground when I feel lost.